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The world is a whirling wheel of differences yet some things always remain common. Similarly, as a client your needs may widely vary but your wants are mostly mutual. You own the businesses you run, you are entrepreneurial and ambitious. And you want more from your accountant. That's exactly what we bring to the table as your preferred accountants, defining ourselves by your needs. M&A Corporate Accountants was conceptualized to offer bespoke service and advice that befitted the individual, not the shelf. Holding true to that, it has therefore always aimed to be all about you. When it comes to providing personalized and commercially astute audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services, it simply can't be anything else.

Our Mission

To be on your speed dial for all matters audit, accounting, experts and tax advisory.

Our Values Entail


Taking on work we know we can deliver.


We do more than answer questions... We question answers; and settle for only the best.


Simplicity rarely goes wrong and we truly believe it often is the best solution. Clarity and precision summarizes our approach when offering advice.


We believe, every contribution, big or small is key. Our people are groomed and encourage to think differently and to share those thoughts; to welcome challenge; to mentor and be mentored; to be catalysts or simply roll up their sleeves and get involved.


We believe unity is strength. There are no boundaries to achievement when there is teamwork and collaboration.

Maintaining Professionalism

Professional is not a label you give yourself; it is a description you hope others will apply to you. We therefore strive to ensure that a culture of professionalism remains an inherent virtue of our being and that it is reflected in all our dealings with you, all the time, anytime.


M&A Corporate Accountants services a broad spectrum of clients ranging from individual investors through small to medium sized companies as well as large private companies, schools, not-for-profit organisations and professional associations.

Industries Covered

Aged Care

Automotive Industry

Building Construction & Development


Engineering / Manufaturing

Financial Services

Health Care & Medical



Sporting Clubs/Golf Clubs



Audit & Assurance

Book keeping & Annual Accounts

Business Advisory

Commercial & Residential Financing

Cross Border Business Ventures

Financial Planning

Formations & Start-ups

Insurance Assistance

International Financing

Legal Assistance

Migration Assistance

Tax Consulting & Compliance



1. How is the sale of a subdivided backyard treated for tax?
2. If we rent our main residence in the future, how do we calculate its capital gains tax “cost base” when we eventually sell it?
3. What is the “margin scheme” basis of calculating GST on a property sale?
4. I’ve just bought a rental property, what deductions can I claim?
5. Is the sale of a farm property GST-free?
6. If I run a business from home, do I have to pay GST when I sell it?
1. What is the timing for contributing superannuation for deductibility purposes?
2. What are reportable employer superannuation contributions?
3. What tax rate does my superfund pay when I contribute deductible super contributions?
4. I am thinking of commencing business. In what circumstances do I need to pay employee superannuation under the Superannuation Guarantee Scheme?
5. How is the required superannuation calculated?
6. Are any employees excluded from superannuation requirements?
1. A taxpayer has two small businesses, each with an annual turnover of $30,000. As the turnover of each small business is under $75,000, does he or she have to register for GST?
2. Can GST registration be cancelled within 12 months of being registered?
3. A taxpayer must conduct an "enterprise" to be able to register for GST. What are the current "enterprise" tests?
4. A taxpayer in business acquires an ABN, but due to turnover and projected turnover being less than $75,000, chose not to register for GST. If that taxpayer turnover subsequently exceeds $75,000, must he or she register for GST immediately? Is GST payable
1. Must a tax invoice show the amount of GST payable separately?
1. Can an entity that accounts for GST on a cash basis, pay the GST up front on a motor vehicle hire purchase and claim the input tax credits immediately?
2. A car is used partly for business. Can input tax credits be claimed?
1. I am a share trader. Must I pay GST when I sell shares?
2. I elect to lodge my GST return monthly. Does this mean I must pay my FBT, PAYG etc monthly?
1. Do all entities have to prepare Financial Statements fully compliant with Australian Accounting Standards?
2. Will accounting software assist me with my GST reporting obligations?
3. How will "Key Factor" and "Break-Even" analysis enhance my business?
1. I am about to go overseas on work, which records should I keep to substantiate my travel expenses?
2. I want to claim a deduction for using my car in my business or for employee duties. What is business travel?
3. In what circumstances can I claim Home Office Expenses?
1. What medical treatment is paid under Work Cover?
2. Does my employer have to continue to contribute to my superannuation fund whilst I am off work?
3. When do I need to register my new business for WorkCover? How much will it cost me? Can you briefly summarise the rules?
4. What is Remuneration?
5. How does an employer register?
6. Who is a Worker?
1. I am a non-resident of Australia for taxation reasons and I have owned property in Melbourne since 2000. I am contemplating selling the property. What are the Capital Gains implications of that?
2. I am about to sell my business, am I eligible to use any of the small business CGT concessions?
3. I hold 1,000 BHP shares and I am planning on selling 200 of them. How do I determine which shares of my BHP holdings I have to sell and what their cost base will be?
4. I purchased a Rental Property in the mid 1990’s and I am planning on selling it. What components make up its cost base?
Business Structure and Tax Structure



Suite 107A, 480 Collins Street,Melbourne - 3000

03 9620 0333